• Hatch and Grow Pets from the ever popular Angry Birds game!
  • 3 different eggs really HATCH like magic and 3 different Angry Birds Characters GROW right out of their shells
  • Includes 3 Angry Birds characters: Chuck, Terence, Minion Pig
  • Your new Angry Bird pets will grow 10X its original size!


Place Eggs in water. Within 24 hours your egg will begin to crack. Each day, replace water. The pet will continue to grow, out of its shell When the pet hatches, rinse the pet off as it will be slippery, and either play with it, or place it back in clean water and watch it daily continue to grow. it will continue to grow for several weeks. The character might be a little lumpy at first but if you keep growing it in the water, it will smooth out as it grows.