Grow Three Different Super Sized Pets!

The holidays come just once a year, but the magic keeps going with our Hang ‘em Eggs! Whether you hang them on the Christmas tree as ornaments, or use them as stocking stuffers, you’ll be sure to extend the holiday season with a gift that lives on!

Enjoy the excitement as the little ones watch and wait for their egg to hatch and grow! Each color egg has its own special, surprise friend. Once hatched from its egg, you can play with your new friend, or gently rinse and put it back in clean water to watch it grow up to 10 times its original size!

  • 3 Different Eggs Really HATCH like Magic
  • 3 different pets GROW right out of their shell when the egg is placed in water
  • Includes 3 different egg containing a Snowman, Polar Bear, and Penguin - the perfect Holiday friends
  • Hang them on your tree, then extend your holiday by Hatching them
  • New Faster hatching Time! Will crack within 1-2 days and hatch shortly thereafter




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Holiday Collection - Series 2

Polar Bear| Penguin | Snowman

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Polar Bear

Holiday | Series 1


Holiday | Series 1


Holiday | Series 1